Friday, October 29, 2010

Essential Newsletter for Breaking LPO News

Despite the significantly growing adoption of outsourced legal services, many legal professionals still find themselves struggling to get their arms around LPO and what it means for their firm.

Time and time again, we see that the most common pitfall of outsourcing legal services is the fundamental lack of understanding and awareness by legal professionals. In such a dynamic market, having current knowledge of breaking industry deals, ethical and regulatory changes, and best practices is a key factor to success.

As part of our continued dedication to leadership the industry, I am excited about the launch of our essential e-newsletter covering all things LPO.

The Fronterion Forefront newsletter is a must-read. To sign-up, go to our website ( or email for your free copy of the online newsletter.

For more details, please see the press release below:

Fronterion Forefront Newsletter Provides Much Needed LPO Insight

Newsletter provides leading insight for legal professionals struggling to make sense of the growing adoption of legal process outsourcing.

Despite the growing adoption of legal process outsourcing (LPO), legal professionals continue to struggle to make sense of the industry and understand all the implications for their firms.

From LPO veterans to its fiercest critics, it has become vital for legal professionals to have a working knowledge of how, and why people send legal work to outsourcing firms at home and abroad.

With this in mind, Fronterion has launched a new monthly e-newsletter featuring unique insights and commentary on the biggest LPO talking points of our day.

The Fronterion Forefront newsletter will keep readers up-to-date with the biggest deals, current industry events and regulatory changes for all things LPO.

From new LPO agreements, like the one recently revealed by elite UK firm Slaughter and May, to announcements by industry bodies, like the American Bar Association’s recent decision on the Model Rules governing outsourcing, Fronterion Forefront is essential reading for anyone with even a passing interest in the subject.

And it is available free every month. To sign up, visit or send an email request to

“Firms that don’t fully understand or actively address the issue of LPO increasingly place themselves at a competitive disadvantage – not to mention, through lack of a coherent approach, unknowingly open themselves up to risk and ethical exposures.”

“The Fronterion Forefront newsletter is a great way for firms to start getting their arms around the legal outsourcing industry in order to better understand trends that without exception impact their firm,”
said Fronterion Managing Principal Michael Bell.

Fronterion, as the leading consultancy specializing in LPO, is in a unique position to monitor the market.

As legal outsourcing continues to generate debate and attract supporters, this newsletter will help readers stay at the forefront of an industry that is changing the way legal services are provided across the globe.

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